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Friday, October 15, 2010

UFO sighting in New York. Just balloons ?

Title: "Balloons most popular theory behind Chelsea UFO sighting"
author: Sheila Anne Feeney
published: 10/14/2010

"The Chelsea UFO mystery deepened Thursday, as people claimed credit and proffered theories as to the nature of the blobs glimpsed in the sky Wednesday.
Mount Vernon fourth graders told the Daily News the shining orbs were escaped pearlescent balloons from an engagement party they threw for their teacher.The National Weather Service told the paper that air currents could have put the balloons over midtown by the time they were spotted.
Others said the balloons may have come from a Times Square press event announcing a promotional partnership between NYC and Madrid. “Maybe a few of those suckers escaped,” although there was no deliberate release, said Kimberly Spell, an NYC and Co. spokeswoman.
Helium balloons can change shape at high altitudes and appear to be different colors, which might explain the varying descriptions.
“We don’t know,” what it was, said FAA spokesman Jim Peters, who was leaning toward the balloon theory."

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