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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Argentineans UFO experts claim to the declassification of secret documents.

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title: "UFO files declassified claim"
published: 19-11-2010

"Experts of the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects (UFO) demanding the declassification of files requested earlier this year, informed the president of AIM UFO Museum Victoria, Silvia Pérez Simondini, adding that Congress made in different countries "to show people work and understand that is science and technology. "
In dialogue with the Agency, the researcher called for declassification of the National Archives on UFO cases in history of Argentina. " Therefore, "engage in various conferences in several countries to show work to people and understand that is science and technology."
In these activities, "you connect with all agencies, especially military institutions," which "will activate the awareness of the declassification in Argentina, because in other countries" is already done. "
Ufology "is taken seriously in the world." Brazil "was more than 4000 cases" and Uruguay also provided records of similar experiences. " These countries "open the doors to the community to find evidence and provide technology support," he stressed. Thus, "our country will catch up and let people know that these events happen in our territory," he said.

Currently, "we await the outcome of the contest to which were invited from the Ministry of Science and Technology of the nation." 140 jobs are evaluated and "we are excited by the announcement, because if we are recognized, it will lead to talk about it, because reality exists and is in our country."

As anticipated here last June (see, is to develop a project to ask legislators from both houses to declassify the files that record these events in the country and for that, "it takes 100 thousand signatures in total."
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