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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

China 1998: Chinese Airforce admits to UFO encounter

Title: "Chinese Air force admits to UFO chase in 1998"
author: Michael Cohen
published: 2 November 2010
translate from

"The Chinese air-force has admitted that pilots of F-6 aircraft chased two UFOs but were ultimately unable to keep up with them, the pilots did get a good view of the objects and were able to describe them in great detail. This UFO event occurred October 1998.
Astonishingly these events were witnessed by a famous Aeronautical scientist and a Major general as well as being tracked by airport control towers and seen by hundreds of staff.
The pilots and ground staff initially saw the UFOs as lights in the sky but on getting close described them as 'glowing fireballs', shaped like 'straw hats' or 'mushrooms'
"Curved top, flat bottom, the bottom rows and rows of lights, beam down, the edge of a red light, the whole shaped like a huge straw hat!" noted one pilot.
The pilots climbed 12,000 feet and the UFO craft ascended to 20,000feet and then vanished from both their sight and airport radar.
Bizarrely the same scene repeated itself at another air-force base days later."

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