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Friday, November 5, 2010

Prophecies of Crop Circles: What will happen November 24, 2010 ?

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Title: "UFOs and crop circles: an interpretation stating the date of 24/11/10, what will happen?"
published: 02/11/2010
author: Pasquale Gallano

"Crop circles, also known in their English diction crop circles were raised, since their first appearances, a special fascination and interest in esoteric scientific theory to understand the nature of and reasons for their presence.
Following the growing number of appearances of crop circles (especially in England) from the end of the seventies, the phenomenon has become the target of the investigation to determine the genesis of these hard-working figures. Various theories have been developed to explain the birth: only human intervention (figures created by man, mainly as a joke or artistic expression) to the paranormal and UFO: aliens, in essence, deliberately left traces of their passage through Earth's drawing complex geometric figures, within which is a hidden message in support of their existence.
Some of these recent efforts have been made to try to interpret the message by using the usual mathematical application. In the past, their message has always been very dark and often implied information were not readily identifiable and, moreover, almost never clear in their meaning. Except this time, for three recent crop circles (May 22 Wilton Windmill - UK, June 13 Poirino - TO - Italy, June 21 Vale of Pewsey - UK), the message hidden in them seems clear by applying mathematical formulas and code ASCII:
"We do crop circles with this design we want to specify the date that we had in the previous drawing inaccurate, and therefore need to consider is the date November 24, 2010."
What should happen on this date? Where else would prophecy to come true? Among the more fanciful theories that are read in various forums and blogs dedicated to the expected event, two of them emerge from the opposite meaning: for many November 24 will be clear and unequivocal manifestation of the aliens (too obvious), for others it will be outbreak of World War III, referring back to the prophecies of old prophets as Baba Vanga and Matthias Stormberger. The birth of new consciousness through alien intervention or the end of an era because of human folly?
One thing is certain: the story has always been invaded by prophecies about specific moments that were supposed to mean something very important for humanity (predictions of wars, disasters, disease, violence, aliens). Prophecies promptly denied. In other cases, they point to the skeptics, we are often aware of a prophecy after the event "predicted" has occurred, giving it the appearance of simple urban legend and many prophets post eventum the reputation of charlatans.
So, even before 2012, mankind will have to do with November 24? Do nothing but wait."

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