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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Even South Africa goes ahead with disclosure of UFOs sightings (?)

title: "Take UFOs seriously, SA group urges"
author: Duncan Alfreds
published: 2011-01-26

"Cape Town - A small, but vocal South African group is urging people to take UFO sightings seriously and has called for the government to release secret UFO files.
"The media around the world has not played a positive role in UFO reports and there is the ridicule factor - people are afraid of the responses they would get," Christo Louw of SAUFOR (South Africa's UFO Resource) told News24.
Louw began his website in 1997 and admitted that he ran the organisation as a "one-man show", but that many South Africans were reporting UFO sightings.
"I get a lot of reports long after the sightings have taken place and you need quite a bit of resources. I've not been able to make a profession out of this," said Louw.
He said that about one out of 10 sightings get reported because the public was largely ignorant of his organisation.

Other dimensions

In 2010, several people reported a UFO sighting over Pretoria, but this could not be confirmed by astronomers in SA.
Dr Enrico Olivier of the South African Astronomical Observatory told News24 that observers were often confused by planets in the sky.
"Big culprits here are Venus and Jupiter in particular, since they can be quite bright at times. Venus sometimes appears very bright in west shortly after sunset. At other times it's very bright in the east a few hours or so before sunrise.
"Also when a bright planet is low in the atmosphere it twinkles more than usual, and can appear to change colour rapidly. Sometimes people describe it as 'being on fire'."
Louw said that several scientists, while dismissing extra-terrestrial UFOs in public, admitted that they believed in them in private.
"They [scientists] are restricted in the way they deal with the public. In private it's the opposite, but they are attached to universities and often it's like advanced peer pressure. If you lose credibility, you lose your funding."
Louw said that beings from other dimensions were visiting Earth regularly and pointed to the scientific position that in an infinite universe, there are infinite possibilities.
"I am in no doubt that we have been visited since forever. The evidence points to the fact that they might be inter-dimensional beings who have genetically modified us along the way.
"It's even indicated in the Bible, in Genesis 6, where they talk about the 'sons of God' who came down and took wives among the 'daughters of men'."


Louw explained his view on the purpose for these beings visiting Earth. "We are like an experiment for different kinds of visitors. And they are generally benign. If they weren't, with their advanced technology, we would be wiped out. So the fact that we are here indicates that they are benign.
"We would like the government to declassify top-secret documents like other countries and we would like to stop letting the public think that this is not real."
He said that the people who believe in the UFO phenomenon are generally the more educated in society.
“Basically, the more educated people are, the more they ask about everything. And they consider the possibility of extra-terrestrial contact.”"

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