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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stop Cover Up: international movement against the Ufo Cover-Up

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Title: "UFO / born international movement against the Cover Up"
published: 01/31/2011

"Beyond any association or personal theory, beyond any flag or language!
Following the enormous and unprecedented increase in UFO sightings over the entire globe, an international movement was born Cover Up against the U.S. government, which since February 1, 2011, will promote a series of initiatives and events in major world capitals, in order to ask the hard end.

Stop Cover Up has set itself the goal to be international. How do you plan to bring in other countries, the idea of this movement?
Facebook has 500 million users, YouTube has about 100 million, then there is MySpace, Twitter, Skype, Messenger, etc etc. .. All systems of interactive communication, which in a few seconds, they can spread the news from across the globe.
And if you add the strength of will of the activists, which will translate the texts in the language of their countries, exploiting the full potential that the web offers, along with bloggers and a very large number of specialized websites and do not, you may wish to obtain an ability to communicate appropriately and effectively.

There are other groups out of Italy that are already associated with you, or for now is only a timid protest running from facebook?
This is an initiative arose spontaneously on the web, and has had only one input resulted interactivity of many people who found themselves discussing the same thing with a great desire for unity and participation, to get the Stop the Cover Up Government UFO.

Do you have contacts with government officials?

Where and when will be the first manifestation of the square?
Has not yet been selected date, but will take place simultaneously and under the same conditions in major world capitals.

There are donors behind the movement?
Not yet.

On your staff there are strong evidences in relation to sightings, alien contact?
Obviously. And this is our strength.

Tell us a story that can make people dream who's reading.
In Italy, since the 50s, more than 300 military pilots have reported to the competent authorities, an experience of sight and in some cases, collision with Unidentified Flying Objects in our airspace, and have subsequently had to undergo a series of specialist medical examinations, and a very special psychological and physical examination to determine if they still qualify for continuing to fly and carry out its career in the Armed Forces
So, some questions arise spontaneously which do not currently have official response.
1) What level of knowledge and training have these drivers?
2) What they saw, experienced and reported?
3) What were the tools and methods used by the "investigative bodies" to explore the reliability?
4) What were the results of "investigations" carried out?
5) Is there evidence to support the human witness of the pilots?
6) The radar and other instruments for monitoring, observation and defense of our country, have never recorded anything?
7) If so, this information shall be covered by military secret?
8) And if they are, why?
9) The witnesses / military / citizens who have rights against the "investigative bodies"?
10) may be kept informed?"

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