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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Contacting aliens ( ...and humans) the right way: METI Protocol

title: "Scientists: We're Going About Contacting Aliens the Wrong Way"
published: February 4, 2011

"If extraterrestrial life forms exist somewhere in the universe, then we're not getting through. When it comes to getting responses from messages sent into outer space, humanity remains 0 for 4. So far. music, pictures, drawings - nothing's garnered a response. But now a team of scientists, perhaps borrowing from the movie "Cool Hand Luke," is offering an explanation for our failure to communicate.
In a paper published in the journal Space Policy, a trio of researchers argues that future messages sent to extraterrestrial intelligence should follow a specific protocol. Humans began sending messages into space, starting in 1994 with transmission sent using the Arecibo radio telescope to a star cluster 25,000 light years from Earth.
The scientists - Dimitra Atri from the University of Kansas, Julia DeMarines from the International Space University in France, and Jacob Haqq-Misra from Pennsylvania State University - contend that as the broadcasts became more complex and the types of content increased, the absence of an established protocol "has produced unorganized or cryptic messages that could be difficult to interpret."
They make the case that any future messaging protocol for messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence should account for a myriad of attributes, such as signal encoding, message length, and information content.
In their paper, the authors say that after being developed, the protocol would be disseminated for testing on humans around the world, cutting across cultural boundaries. "An effective message to extraterrestrials should at least be understandable by humans, and releasing the protocol for testing will allow us to improve the protocol and develop potential messages," they write. "Through an interactive website, users across the world will be able to create and exchange messages that follow the protocol in order to discover the types of messages better suited for cross-cultural communication." "

Title: "A Protocol for Messaging to Extraterrestrial Intelligence"
published: 2 Feb 2011

"Messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence (METI) is a branch of study concerned with constructing and broadcasting a message toward habitable planets. Since the Arecibo message of 1974, the handful of METI broadcasts have increased in content and complexity, but the lack of an established protocol has produced unorganized or cryptic messages that could be difficult to interpret. Here we outline the development of a self-consistent protocol for messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence that provides constraints and guidelines for the construction of a message in order to maximize the probability that the message effectively communicates. A METI protocol considers several factors including signal encoding, message length, information content, anthropocentrism, transmission method, and transmission periodicity. Once developed, the protocol will be released for testing on different human groups worldwide and across cultural boundaries. An effective message to extraterrestrials should at least be understandable by humans, and releasing the protocol for testing will allow us to improve the protocol and develop potential messages. Through an interactive website, users across the world will be able to create and exchange messages that follow the protocol in order to discover the types of messages better suited for cross-cultural communication. The development of a METI protocol will serve to improve the quality of messages to extraterrestrials, foster international collaboration, and extend astrobiology outreach to the public."

Monday, March 14, 2011

Do you believe that the government is hiding things about aliens? I say YES !!!!

title: "Poll Shows People Have a Strong Belief in Aliens and UFOs"
published: 14 March 2011

"Eighty-six percent of people world-wide believe in the existence of aliens and UFOs and that their governments have hidden information confirming their existence, according to a recent poll on, a website dedicated to providing information on UFO sightings, alien encounters and other pertinent data on mysterious sightings or occurrences around the globe.
Over the past 50 years, it’s estimated that there have been millions of UFO encounters reported by witnesses all over the world. Each year, thousands of encounters are recorded by agencies and local authorities, yet there is still no solid proof to either the existence or nonexistence of aliens and UFOs. Alieneight strives to bring its readers all of the information they need to decide for themselves what is true.
The poll, which began on Jan. 28, is the first one of the year, with others planned to follow to ask about other aspects of aliens and UFOs. The results were taken from a reader’s survey of 352 respondents asking the question, “Do you believe that the government is hiding things about aliens?”
The results of the poll appear to show just how strongly that the average person believes in the existence of aliens and UFOs and possible government cover-ups of the same. Only four percent of those taking the poll said they didn’t think the government was hiding information, and 10 percent weren’t sure.
If you are interested in learning more about aliens and UFOs, come to Alieneight’s website at"

Monday, March 7, 2011

NASA: Evidence of Alien Life on Meteorite (?)

Title: "Exclusive: NASA Scientist Claims Evidence of Alien Life on Meteorite"
author: Garrett Tenney
published: March 05, 2011

"We are not alone in the universe -- and alien life forms may have a lot more in common with life on Earth than we had previously thought.
That's the stunning conclusion one NASA scientist has come to, releasing his groundbreaking revelations in a new study in the March edition of the Journal of Cosmology.
Dr. Richard B. Hoover, an astrobiologist with NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, has traveled to remote areas in Antarctica, Siberia, and Alaska, amongst others, for over ten years now, collecting and studying meteorites. He gave early access to the out-of-this-world research, published late Friday evening in the March edition of the Journal of Cosmology. In it, Hoover describes the latest findings in his study of an extremely rare class of meteorites, called CI1 carbonaceous chondrites -- only nine such meteorites are known to exist on Earth.
Though it may be hard to swallow, Hoover is convinced that his findings reveal fossil evidence of bacterial life within such meteorites, the remains of living organisms from their parent bodies -- comets, moons and other astral bodies. By extension, the findings suggest we are not alone in the universe, he said.
“I interpret it as indicating that life is more broadly distributed than restricted strictly to the planet earth,” Hoover told “This field of study has just barely been touched -- because quite frankly, a great many scientist would say that this is impossible.”
In what he calls “a very simple process,” Dr. Hoover fractured the meteorite stones under a sterile environment before examining the freshly broken surface with the standard tools of the scientist: a scanning-electron microscope and a field emission electron-scanning microscope, which allowed him to search the stone’s surface for evidence of fossilized remains.
He found the fossilized remains of micro-organisms not so different from ordinary ones found underfoot -- here on earth, that is.
“The exciting thing is that they are in many cases recognizable and can be associated very closely with the generic species here on earth,” Hoover told But not all of them. “There are some that are just very strange and don’t look like anything that I’ve been able to identify, and I’ve shown them to many other experts that have also come up stumped.”
Other scientists tell the implications of this research are shocking, describing the findings variously as profound, very important and extraordinary. But Dr. David Marais, an astrobiologist with NASA’s AMES Research Center, says he’s very cautious about jumping onto the bandwagon.
These kinds of claims have been made before, he noted -- and found to be false.
“It’s an extraordinary claim, and thus I’ll need extraordinary evidence,” Marais said.
Knowing that the study will be controversial, the journal invited members of the scientific community to analyze the results and to write critical commentaries ahead of time. Though none are online yet, those comments will be posted alongside the article, said Dr. Rudy Schild, a scientist with the Harvard-Smithsonian's Center for Astrophysics and the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Cosmology.
"Given the controversial nature of his discovery, we have invited 100 experts and have issued a general invitation to over 5,000 scientists from the scientific community to review the paper and to offer their critical analysis," Schild wrote in an editor's note along with the article. "No other paper in the history of science has undergone such a thorough vetting, and never before in the history of science has the scientific community been given the opportunity to critically analyze an important research paper before it is published, he wrote."
Dr. Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the SETI Institute, said there is a lot of hesitancy to believe such proclamations. If true, the implications would be far-reaching throughout the fields of science and astronomy, the suggestions and possibilities stunning.
“Maybe life was seeded on earth -- it developed on comets for example, and just landed here when these things were hitting the very early Earth,” Shostak speculated. “It would suggest, well, life didn’t really begin on the Earth, it began as the solar system was forming.”
Hesitancy to believe new claims is something common and necessary to the field of science, Hoover said.
“A lot of times it takes a long time before scientists start changing their mind as to what is valid and what is not. I’m sure there will be many many scientists that will be very skeptical and that’s OK.”
Until Hoover’s research can be independently verified, Marais said, the findings should be considered “a potential signature of life.” Scientists, he said, will now take the research to the next level of scrutiny, which includes an independent confirmation of the results by another lab, before the findings can be classified “a confirmed signature of life.”
Hoover says he isn’t worried about the process and is open to any other explanations.
“If someone can explain how it is possible to have a biological remain that has no nitrogen, or nitrogen below the detect ability limits that I have, in a time period as short as 150 years, then I would be very interested in hearing that."
"I’ve talked with many scientists about this and no one has been able to explain,” he said."

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"...we can not completely exclude the possibility of alien visits and reconnaissance, covert or overt." from The National Archives, UK 2011

title: "GB X-Files: UFOs do not exist (maybe)"
from: (translate by google)
author: Mattia Bernardo Bagnoli
published: 03/03/2011

"LONDON - UFOs? No problem: there are (maybe). Anyway, do not pose any risk to the safety of the United Kingdom. It 's the conclusion of a Secret UK Eyes Only''''completed in 2000 by British military intelligence service (DIS) in a review of the' question 'alien established in 1997 by the Ministry of Defence. After years of relative calm and you 'found yourself having to work overtime because of the fiftieth anniversary of the Roswell case. So much so that, to handle the wave of sightings, we decided to make available to the public a 'hotline' dedicated to UFOs.
The line''on the answering machine - contains a document dated 12/02/1997 imposing binder part of His Majesty's X-Files 'transferred to the National Archives and previewed by ANSA - will be' the only tool available to the public to report sightings.''
According to what has been learned in the report of the DIS, in fact, the only''accidents''admitted the attention of the DI55 - the UFO section of the Ministry of Defence - will be those reported by''qualified''. Or military personnel, civilian pilots, or members of the police and security. So, after 50 years of cataloging every sighting seems to be the time to give us a break.
That said, everything that has to do with the topic of extraterrestrials must be handled with the most 'attention. Even the best intentions - how to set up a digital archive of all reports so you can navigate your data easily ', thus saving' time and money - can have a negative image return. ''I'm not going to give the public the wrong message and then I will take ', as always, on the other hand when it comes to DIS operations, every precaution' cause this little project is not discovered,''says the head of ' reform 'UFO. That the procedures for cataloging are now obsolete - questionnaires and methods written in the fifties - and 'taken for granted even by the commander of the RAF.
To keep up with UFO''we spend a lot of resources,''he wrote in his report. Problem, rather than decrease, will not do 'nothing more than''explode''in the years to come, especially when, over the next decade, the United States''will bring into service new high-altitude aircraft such as Global Star, The Dark Star, the X-33 and, perhaps, the 'Spaceplane'''. But it 's not. Continue''discoveries of new planets and new knowledge about alien life forms, at least not intelligent, will lead to a change in perception,''the memo continued the head of the RAF.
''Continue to support our Earth, and that only 'place full of life compared to the sterile' Universal may soon prove as counterproductive as the attempts of the past to convince the Church that the world was flat.'' So here's possibly closed. Although some experts argue that''the odds' for extraterrestrial life is very low, we can not completely exclude the possibility of alien visits and reconnaissance, covert or overt they are. Our choice to keep an open mind on these issues and 'therefore probably correct.''

see the section United Kingdom of "UFO-Files released by country" in the main page for all document from "The National Archive"

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