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Saturday, March 5, 2011

"...we can not completely exclude the possibility of alien visits and reconnaissance, covert or overt." from The National Archives, UK 2011

title: "GB X-Files: UFOs do not exist (maybe)"
from: (translate by google)
author: Mattia Bernardo Bagnoli
published: 03/03/2011

"LONDON - UFOs? No problem: there are (maybe). Anyway, do not pose any risk to the safety of the United Kingdom. It 's the conclusion of a Secret UK Eyes Only''''completed in 2000 by British military intelligence service (DIS) in a review of the' question 'alien established in 1997 by the Ministry of Defence. After years of relative calm and you 'found yourself having to work overtime because of the fiftieth anniversary of the Roswell case. So much so that, to handle the wave of sightings, we decided to make available to the public a 'hotline' dedicated to UFOs.
The line''on the answering machine - contains a document dated 12/02/1997 imposing binder part of His Majesty's X-Files 'transferred to the National Archives and previewed by ANSA - will be' the only tool available to the public to report sightings.''
According to what has been learned in the report of the DIS, in fact, the only''accidents''admitted the attention of the DI55 - the UFO section of the Ministry of Defence - will be those reported by''qualified''. Or military personnel, civilian pilots, or members of the police and security. So, after 50 years of cataloging every sighting seems to be the time to give us a break.
That said, everything that has to do with the topic of extraterrestrials must be handled with the most 'attention. Even the best intentions - how to set up a digital archive of all reports so you can navigate your data easily ', thus saving' time and money - can have a negative image return. ''I'm not going to give the public the wrong message and then I will take ', as always, on the other hand when it comes to DIS operations, every precaution' cause this little project is not discovered,''says the head of ' reform 'UFO. That the procedures for cataloging are now obsolete - questionnaires and methods written in the fifties - and 'taken for granted even by the commander of the RAF.
To keep up with UFO''we spend a lot of resources,''he wrote in his report. Problem, rather than decrease, will not do 'nothing more than''explode''in the years to come, especially when, over the next decade, the United States''will bring into service new high-altitude aircraft such as Global Star, The Dark Star, the X-33 and, perhaps, the 'Spaceplane'''. But it 's not. Continue''discoveries of new planets and new knowledge about alien life forms, at least not intelligent, will lead to a change in perception,''the memo continued the head of the RAF.
''Continue to support our Earth, and that only 'place full of life compared to the sterile' Universal may soon prove as counterproductive as the attempts of the past to convince the Church that the world was flat.'' So here's possibly closed. Although some experts argue that''the odds' for extraterrestrial life is very low, we can not completely exclude the possibility of alien visits and reconnaissance, covert or overt they are. Our choice to keep an open mind on these issues and 'therefore probably correct.''

see the section United Kingdom of "UFO-Files released by country" in the main page for all document from "The National Archive"

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