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Friday, October 14, 2011

Brig. Gen. Jose Carlos Pereira: "...the United Nations should take the lead in starting a UFO task force to investigate and also try and contact aliens currently on Earth."

Title: "UFO sighting evidence points to extraterrestrial spacecraft implications as 'fantastic'"

"BRAY’S POINT, Ore. – An image of “an opaque disc” with no visible means of propulsion was viewed Oct. 9 here at Bray’s Point, with one Oregon UFO “watcher” pointing to a place between two large rocks in the Pacific as “where it was, and maybe still is,” while also noting the implications as “fantastic” and worthy of Christopher Columbus.
In her book, “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record,” famed journalist Leslie Kean reveals an impressive list of distinguished collaborators who all say “they’re here,” and “UFOs are real.” In turn, Kean notes that after reviewing thousands of UFO sighting documents, “I felt that my eyes and my mind had been opened to a world that had previously passed me by. There are certainly more to the phenomenon than misidentifications or hoaxes. What of the 5 percent or so of sightings that defy conventional explanation? Could any of them be attributable to something exotic, or even extraterrestrial? If just one UFO turned out to be an extraterrestrial spacecraft, the implications are incalculable.”
Also, a top general officer asks the United Nations to have the same vision as Christopher Columbus and search out this new world of UFOs that “have discovered us.”
UFOs in Brazil offer enough real evidence “to send chills down your spine”
One of Kean’s investigations for this book points to the Brazilian military that has been investigating UFOs for many years, as evidence of its release in both 2008 and 2009 of “numerous previously top secret UFO files.” However, Brig. Gen. Jose Carlos Pereira (retired from the Brazilian Airspace Defense Command) states in an interview with Kean – for her book about UFOs and high ranking government leaders who are coming forward – that that there’s much more to reveal from Brazil than “just 4,000 pages – involving extensive military investigations of UFOs in the Amazon region.”
Overall, Pereira states that one sighting “showed 21 UFOs in the sky from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro.” While media reports in Brazil confirmed this sighting claim of the general’s with locals saying the sight of this massive fleet of UFOs was enough “to send chills down your spine.” And, said one who watched the UFO formation, “this is not something friendly, but hostile because I feel it inside of my head that they’re not friendly to us.
In turn, General Pereira writes in Kean’s book that “did pilots see the UFO phenomena of 21 UFOs? Yes. Did the radars spot them. Yes. Did other military pilots see them. Yes. Did pilots in commercial aircraft see them? Yes. Do the times of the sightings correlate? Yes. Do the trajectories of the objects correlate? Yes; all of this was technically analyzed. So, did it happen? Yes, it did happen.”
Fear of alien invasion is “always on the minds of military men”
During the night of the event when 21 UFOs were spotted by hundreds of people in Brazil – on May 19, 1986 – the consensus, writes General Pereira was “invasion.”
Still, General Pereira writes that since there hasn’t been any “known” invasion that he doesn’t think that “UFOs have made any real threat to national security” because, he states, “when I was a commander, these unusual UFO sightings occurred about once a month and usually were of very short duration.”
In turn, the subject of possible “alien invasion” is almost hard-wired into humans due to a large amount of myth in both the arts and science since the early 1940’s with such works as “War of the World’s,” and other popular books. Still, the recently released British UFO documents – that number more than 8,500 once top secret UFO files – suggests that military leaders worldwide have viewed invasion as “always on the minds of military men.”
General Pereira also writes in a chapter of Kean’s book about UFOs, that “we need astronomers, meteorologists, aviation experts, astrophysicists and many other scientists, because such an investigation into UFOs must be jointly addressed by many specialists. In fact, this effort must engage the whole nation because the synergistic effect of knowledge is undeniable.”
“It is a big step for a country to officially acknowledge the existence of UFOs, as France as done,” adds General Pereira. “But releasing information has not caused people to panic, and I don’t think it would if more UFO files were opened. No one fears transparency; instead people fear the lack of it.”
Also, General Pereira thinks the United Nations should take the lead in starting a UFO task force to investigate and also try and contact aliens currently on Earth.
He said the U.N. “should be responsible rather than leaving that task in the hands of individual countries” who tend to keep the real evidence of UFOs under wraps."

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