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Sunday, October 9, 2011

November 2011: First UFO conference in South Africa

Title: "First UFO conference in South Africa"

"South Africa will experience its first ever conference on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in November.

""Millions of people in SA have had their own personal experience with ETs and UFOs -- but most have in the past been too nervous to raise the subject, afraid of ridicule," conference host Michael Tellinger said on Thursday.

The gathering would allow "those in the know" an opportunity to express themselves on issues like extra-terrestrial (ET) contact.
He said 13 internationally recognised and published leaders in the fields of UFOlogy, genetics, microbiology and biomimicry would speak at the event in Johannesburg.
Speakers would also address topics including alchemy, ancient wisdom, numeric science and the formation of a money-less society.
"The average person on the street is completely oblivious of the unimaginable progress in scientific research, so much so, that it would seem like magic to the unenlightened crowd", said Tellinger.
"While there are still many who smirk in disbelief at the concept of alien presence in the universe and even here on Earth, those in the know are rapidly moving well beyond trying to justify their knowledge to the uninitiated.""

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