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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Italian interview with Nick Pope: UFOs exist and are a potential threat

Title:"Nick Pope: “I Governi sugli Ufo? Brancolano nel buio. Ma gli Ovni esistono e sono una minaccia potenziale”"
from: (translate by Google)
author: Werner Bissoni

"Nick Pope, what kind of work has done for his country during his tenure in UFO?
"My job was to investigate all UFO sightings reported to the MoD, and to assess whether any element in them was a threat or was more generally of interest to the defense."
How he got this job? What were the circumstances and characteristics for which she chose?
"I had worked for many years at the Ministry of Defence. How can I be recruited in the project is a UFO person for whom I worked during the first Gulf War, Joint Operation Centre. He was impressed by my work, so he offered me the job. "
They made her take a refresher course especially before you start work?
"Just did a week of preparation with the person responsible for the assignment, which would have succeeded. At the time it was the normal practice ".
During this preparation, what kind of information, what attitude and what transpired was the point of view provided by the institutions, about the UFO phenomenon?
"I had only access to all files that the MoD had accumulated previously, so we know what we knew and what we did not know about the thing."
According to his statement I know you believe in the existence of UFOs: in his opinion there are elements to assume that the phenomenon might represent a threat to the defense?
"I am convinced that there is life out there in the universe, but I do not know for sure if we have been visited or not. I could not get a certainty. But no matter what UFOs are, the fact that sometimes fly close to military installations, and at times have threatened to cause collisions with aircraft, shows that there is a potential threat. "
If this is so, because institutions always deny this fact, showing no concern but rather, displaying an attitude of selfless enough?
"During my government I never had any evidence of a 'cover up' or of a conspiracy in place. That said, governments are always trying to minimize the issue and to conceal the scope of their involvement. The reason for this attitude is the embarrassment of having to admit that not all UFO sightings can be explained rationally, because occasionally there are 'near misses' (near collisions) with commercial aircraft and why in attempts to intercept with fighter jets and the the military, when UFOs were tracked on radar, UFOs than in speed and outclass the planes in operation. "
Within the institutions and or in the intelligence services, there are specialized task forces, which operate secretly, more depth, a planned monitoring of the phenomenon? Compared to declassified files, there are other documents related to UFOs and other studies that are not disclosed?
"I do not think there is necessarily a specialized task force. But the Americans, the British and the old Soviet Union, together with other governments, I'm sure they busy with parapsychology, the occult, in areas such as telekinesis and remote viewing. I do not know if then these techniques as remote viewing, have been used in research on UFOs. "
According to her, there would be a concrete reason for which people should be kept ignorant of the true extent of the UFO phenomenon?
"As I said earlier, during my work for the government I have not encountered any evidence of a cover in place, so I do not agree on the fact that people are kept in the dark. But it is also true that the policy of minimizing the phenomenon has led the government to adopt an attitude, like to get on the defensive, which gave the perception (people) that the government was hiding something. I think the only thing you really have to hide the embarrassing fact is that they have absolutely the solution of the mystery of UFOs. At no government likes to say 'we do not know' .... "
So you think institutions like the American or English does not even know the true nature of some UFO phenomenon?
"Not yet, not that I know."
What does the disclosure? It 'something that genuinely inform the masses or the passage of an institutional agenda is a more complex?
"Many nations of the world are declassified and releasing their UFO files. But obviously these documents do not contain definitive evidence that we have been visited by an alien civilization, subject to there really (the evidence). Usually these releases are the result of campaigning by the media or by UFO researchers, or often as a result of the exploitation of the Freedom of Information Act. "
But disclosure is a real or just thrown a bone to the masses, to pretend not to have nothing to hide?
"The files are certainly genuine, and in this sense it is true. But since the documents do not say what they would like to ufologists know, or that we have been visited by aliens), some think that the declassification of this material is merely an exercise in public relations, while the material is still kept secret really interesting, "
Have you ever seen a UFO personally?
"No, I never happened."
Have you ever watched incontrovertible evidence of the existence of UFOs, such as photos, videos, tracks on the ground ...?
"I've seen some very interesting evidence (photos, videos, recordings of radar tracks, reports of drivers, etc..), But not conclusive evidence. I believe that the definitive evidence should involve the recovery of an artifact of some kind, and although there are stories of UFO crash and alien implants, I still have to be satisfied for each of these. "
What do you think that may be? Since no one knows for sure, what is your best guess?
"I do not know. Unexplained means not explained. I suspect that there is a single, clear explanation for the UFO mystery. Some secrets may well be prototypes and drones. Others might be some sort of exotic phenomena, atmospheric plasma source. I have already said elsewhere that one can not exclude the possibility that some phenomena may be of extraterrestrial origin. Maybe that is something we have not even thought about .. for which we do not even words to describe them. "
What is the most sensational case that has worked?
"The Rendlesham Forest incident, since 1980. In 1994, while working for the UFO project of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) review recently devoted myself to this event. is easily the most interesting UFO cases in England and indisputable. I appeared in several television shows to discuss this incident, and there is a lot 'of material on my website ( "
Based on his experience, there is a part of crop circles that are not of human origin? If yes, what do you think that they serve? And who would the author?
"No, I think. I think they are all made by humans. The reasons are many: for someone is something between art and graffiti. Others love the danger of going out at night and act in danger of being discovered. Others do it because they enjoy teasing people. "
And what about the abduction? He thinks it's a real phenomenon? What's hidden behind? If you have any discussion with us?
"Just like the UFO phenomenon, probably no single explanation: I think in fact that there may be several explanations for the phenomenon of alien abductions. Some cases are scams, others are attributable to some sort of hallucinations or obsessions. To this we add lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, false memory syndrome, a number of other factors. However, this is not enough to explain all cases, and I suspect there are other factors at play here. Relied on scientific studies show that you are not in the presence of psychological disorders or fiction, it seems that even these, bringing to mind their experiences exhibit physiological responses (eg increased heart rate and respiration) not found in control groups of people certainly not given. I actually have work to do on this phenomenon during my work at the MoD, and my personal library contained about one hundred cases. One indisputable, involved a former model named Brigitte Barclay, with whom I worked for years. "
In conclusion, what are the results, the wealth of experience to his work for the institutions of the left?
"My view is that the UFO phenomenon remains unexplained. Should be investigated as appropriate, in view of the defense, national security, and aviation safety, as well as the potential scientific benefits. Despite no longer working for the government remain very interested in the matter and do an intensive media work in television, radio and newspapers. "
What are your expectations for the future, in terms UFO? We will never be a massive contact?
"Governments will continue to release records and the interest on the phenomenon will grow more and more, as we can see the growing number of television programs discussing UFOs. I'm not sure that there will be a ground contact, but can never happen will certainly be a historic day. "
What do you think is the key to improved understanding of the phenomenon, for science, ufology and researchers in general?
"In this media play a vital role and I try to work hard for this, my new cerriera journalist and popularizer. I'd like to see ufologists to become more scientific in their investigations, and more critical in their thinking, especially about the conspiracy theories. Then, in addition to stop looking at each other as rivals, ufologists and SETI should realize that they are trying the same thing, but following different paths and in different places. "
What would it mean to those who deny the existence of the UFO phenomenon and ridicule the question?
"I would tell these people that they should put aside their preconceptions and look at the best evidence in an impartial manner. Me is a difficult thing because it is full of UFO hoaxes and frauds, with sectarianism and fanaticism. "
And to those who are convinced it is only secret weapons of human origin?
"As mentioned earlier some of the UFO sightings could be caused by people who keep secret prototype aircraft, or drones. Clearly this is not a solution to all the inexplicable cases, because the projects are usually conducted in secret military areas where the public has no access. ""


charles said...

Be advised: as easy as it is for you to move furniture at home the very intelligent living species navigating the ufos (vils) move the big rocks (asteroids ) they are protecting earth in many ways if you think this is to sci fi for you then ufos must really sound out of this world....ha....ha...common sence is not so a respectable manner just use your brain.

B. Jørgensen said...

I don´t think they want disclosure at all, but we can only hope...

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